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JYJ lovers, show support ^^!

jyj laughingAs most of us know, JYJ have created a youtube channel as well as a facebook account;

for those who haven’t done this yet, if you can and have time, show support by clicking on their vids, subscribing  and liking their facebook page because this is their way of trying to keep in touch with us when tv networks won’t let them; we have to support them and want them to gain even more fans because they deserve it, and the only way to do that is to 1) support them and 2) to draw attention to them;

If it weren’t for someone’s blog, I would have never met Junsu/Yuchun/Jaejoong 4 years ago, and I sure wouldn’t have given them a chance if it weren’t for the tons of positive comments I saw on that post, so show your support ^^ it won’t take much of your time :)

facebook link

youtube channel

oh, and don’t remember their twitter accounts although if you are on tumblr, I doubt you haven’t heard of them ;)


jaejoong’s twitter!/mjjeje


and lastly Junsu’s account who made a new one when his old one was hacked ( I would have personally given up but he didn’t so show him the love :) )!/1215thexiahtic

DON’T FORGET vote for them for the shorty awards on twitter if you have time ^^! Better them than … people with no talent :/…


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